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About Tube Enhancer

If you spend time watching a lot of videos on YouTube, then Tube Enhancer is for you!
This powerful extension allows you to remove annoying ads from videos, dim the lights for a comfortable watching, automatically play videos in HD (or any preferred format), watch your favorite videos while you surf, repeat videos over and over without clicking replay, stop autoplay, change YouTube's style using custom themes, and more...

Download Tube Enhancer

Tube Enhancer is available in two versions, one for Chrome, and one for Firefox.
Compare the versions below and select the one that matches your browser.

Features & Versions Tube Enhancer Lite Tube Enhancer Plus
Compatibility Chrome 22+ Firefox 14+
Remove ads
Dim the lights
Use custom styles
Automatically play videos in HD (or any other preferred format)
Loop videos
Stop autoplay for videos loaded in background tabs
Watch videos while surfing
Watch the Top 50 while surfing
Save your favorite videos and playlists
Backup and restore your favorite videos and playlists lists
Play your favorite videos automatically
Play your favorite videos in shuffle mode